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Try Harder

by Communicaution

Try Harder 02:20
That cigarette has been in my mouth and that’s a very personal thing. I was naked before I even heard of clothing. Been naked ever since. You paint your face in order to blend in. You’ve won the race. Maybe I just gave in. You have to learn to fake a smile to find out what is real but you don’t have to read dictionaries to know what to say.
Away Anyway 02:17
I’d like to share all of this with you. It’s important stuff you know. And I could be that friend you need. You could cry and let it show. So far away. You can close me like a book, there’s nothing you don’t already know. I think you’re greater than that song. It was time for me to go. Read me. Dot my I’s. Read me. Cross my T’s. Read me. Fill in the blanks.
Why do I always feel so far away from where I want to be. I close my eyes and dream of road maps and drive all through the night. I hold my breath and hope for better ways. It seems these days I only drink and write and hardly ever sleep at night. I blame the boredom. I blame the headaches and I blame you for leaving me. When breathing becomes uncomfortable and you can no longer drag yourself through the days, it gets harder to hold on to the things that you hold dear. I just can’t keep on lying to myself. When will I ever have a chance to say all these things in my own way? I’d give you almost anything you help me through another day.
I wish I could die right. Just like you did, all by yourself. I wish I wasn’t born here or anywhere else. I’m all alone. I can still feel you as I’m watching cars fly into buildings. I wish I could still call you and let you tell me how wrong I’ve been. No longer with us. I guess you never were. You lived a lonely life.
Will we have another chance to hate each other’s guts? I don’t want to hate you now bit in a week or so who knows? I hope I mean nothing to you because that’s more than I ever did. I love you just the same. Anymore would be a crime. You wanted me to see things that I couldn’t see. You wanted me to see you were always there for me. Is this the way we live our lives? Ashamed of who we are? Ashamed of what we feel? How come it felt so real?


released September 16, 2013

Written, performed, recorded and mixed by Eric Rosenfeld. Mastered by Jeff Lenert. Cover Art by Jeff Hemmer.


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Communicaution Luxembourg

Since 2004

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