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Rough Road

by Communicaution

Rough Road 02:19
There’s a rough road up ahead that stretches out for miles and miles. I can never rest my head. I’m never really there. But don’t go away. I’ll be there for you when I get home. There’s a rough road up ahead. It swallows us whole to spit us out. Will we ever get somewhere? You know I’d take you anywhere. Don’t go away.
Car Keys 02:38
A letter sent to me and all our friends. It said you were going away for the weekend. You were running late. Guess it must be fate you had nothing to say when you left the gate. I can’t recall how many times I tried to hide the keys to your car. Sometimes I wish I could lock you up to keep you from getting hurt. A letter sent to your mom and dad. It said you were leaving for good. You won’t be back home soon. Your mother called. She sounded old. I lied and told her you were in good hands. I guess I’ve tried too many times to get over you.
Commitment 02:36
I once called her ‘love’, she told me to stop using that word because she was no longer used to it. I asked her what if I wanted to and she said that was my problem, not hers. She’s too afraid. I’m not asking for commitment. I’m not asking for the world. I only want you to know that somebody feels strongly about you. I once called her ‘love’, she told me to stop using her. I didn’t know what to say. All I ever wanted was to heal your bleeding heart. Sorry if I let you down. And I would go away if you want me to. I would leave this place and leave you too.
Why don’t you tell me all about it? Please don’t tell nothing’s wrong. You need someone you can lie to? Please don’t tell me this is true. I don’t know where you’ve been. I don’t know what you’ve seen. Please let me try to help believe me I’m all ears. Hold on. Why don’t you try to hold on? Why don’t you tell me all about it? I’m here to hear your silent cries. You need someone who remembers the way you were before the lies.


released July 11, 2013

These songs were written, performed, recorded and mixed by Eric Rosenfeld and mastered by Jeff Lenert in late June/early July 2013.


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