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Revenge! Revenge! Revenge!

by Communicaution

It’s hard to eat when your friends all act like cannibals. Is it that important to share a meal ? The deal is to stay thin and hungry for the world. How can we not suffer when we act like a pack of wolves ? To consume the one you love shows a great deal of affection. When their teeth are in your arm you know you’re not rejected. How can you sleep at night when your friends howl at the moon ? Would you take a walk with them, famished and on all fours ? You will hear and see things you’ve never known before. At least you know you’ll be in good company. So far away from a place called home. Stay with them, don’t get lost.
This heart was meant to break and I’m not here for you. I watch you, you’re so great. I only pretend to. I don’t want it to fall apart. Go ahead and break my heart. You’re not alone. I’m so smart because I know dreams are made of the things you make them of. I know you’ll come back to me. I’ll be scared but you’ll be there.
My life is full of brilliant people with brilliant minds. Some of these people I’m lucky to know and call friends. I wake up every day with the desire to find out about the rest of them. I’m so damn grateful to be where I am. Of course I’ve met a few idiots along the way but hell did they teach me well. And if I say I’m falling apart you say ‘Aren’t we all ?’ And that’s why I call you my friend. I never want to wake up alone again. This has been too much fun. If I ever wake up alone again, I might as well not wake up at all. Hey friend, you make the world go around and stop it just in time for me to get off if I’d ever feel like my head was spinning out of control. That’s why I love you with all my heart.
I’m suffocating. I’m complaining about your invitation to the life we’ve never lived. Come on over. Come and watch me fall apart. It’s not over yet. I guess we’ve been doomed from the start. I don’t want to be me. I don’t want to be a part of you. I never could sleep when you were lying next to me. I wish I could be you so I could hurt myself. Someone said we should not fight so much. I guess I’ll just let you sleep because there’s chapters left to read and I never meant to be the one that makes your heart bleed.
Farewell 02:35
I’m all alone by the side of the road. I never ever did what I’ve been told. I always try to keep my head out of the rain. And I hope you’re all ok. I’m in pain. And I hope you’ve found your way in the rain. Everybody’s gone in my side of town. In a sea of their memories I drown. I guess I found a way to live with the pain.
I’m shaking and count to twenty. I’m drinking and I got plenty. I’m a house on fire and shine all through the night. I wonder if I’ll ever get it right. I’m starting to see the sorrow. There’s no pain like tomorrow. I’m a lifeless brook. I’m the one you took and shook. Oh lovely life can you give me a sign?
Dreamers 02:19
Arms around each other, we’re watching the sun come up. You turn to me and your eyes tell me everything I need to know. A kiss placed gently on your forehead makes you smile and shiver in my arms as you carefully show me the way to your mouth. As we kiss, we know we’re on the same team as we stumble through the same dream. You and me. Your lips form the most awesome smile and you got stars in your eyes that glisten in the dawn and that’s all you’ll ever have to do to turn me on.
Song For E 02:42
My room came alive when I saw her for the first time. The screen hurt my eyes but I couldn’t take them off her. She appeared a few minutes in and couldn’t follow the storyline. She’s one of a kind. She seemed shy and a little out of place, so beautiful and fragile. And I keep looking for Emily in every girl I meet. I started to watch all of her films and followed her career. To scared to send her a letter, I began to write her this song, that she will probably never hear. One of these days I might just send it to her. Oh Emily, could you please notice me?
I get the feeling that I don’t like myself anymore. Not anymore. And I won’t try to convince myself that I’m not miserable because I’m miserable. Walk slow if you’re walking all over me. I hate this feeling. I hate myself for giving in to you. I’m not into you. And don’t be sorry, I don’t need your pity, I just need a drink. Oh, I need a drink.
Run 02:37
I don’t have all the answers and your problems are your own. I don’t intend to frighten you but you need to find somewhere you belong. We all carry weight on our backs, it’s time you carried yours. Tell me who do you run to when you used up all our time? You really know how to run. I don’t think it’s all your fault although I think most of it is. I guess nobody ever taught you to learn from your mistakes. It’s sad to see you in this state and to know soon you’ll self-destruct but at the end of the day I can say I tried everything. Who are you running from? Are you running from yourself?
I tried to call you up at least a hundred times but I couldn’t get a hold of you because you’re away. And I guess I’ll try another ten to fifteen times before I lose my mind, before I’m going blind. Baby, why don’t you pick up the phone when you’re out of town? I had a few drinks and I don’t feel ok because all I really want to do is talk to you. And I’ll have a few more and I don’t feel too good because I don’t know anybody in this neighborhood. Why don’t you come home?
In your miniature bed we become two spoons and we’re not going to move until way past noon. I dream about seeing you for real when I awake. We’ll always have the park and we’ll always have the lake. I’ve been drinking again and sinking like a stone. You’re holding me while you’re holding my phone. You must be an angel they forgot to let back up. Let me know when you’ve had enough because I know I could stop. You’re out ending wars with your smile and I know I’ll see you in a while. I’m out playing for the best part of the world but all these songs really belong to you, girl. I’m in love with everything that you are and with you by my side I know I’ll get far. You’re saving me from myself every day of the week and I can only thank you with a kiss on your cheek.
Seethru 03:26
I wake up, tired still. I think I’m losing you for good. A handful of good intentions felt so right. You have felt so right at the time. Am I the one who cannot feel ? Are you the one that feels so real ? I’m coming clean with you. I can see through you. I cried out your name in shame. I’ll lie and smoke all night, clouding my thoughts. A handful of good mistakes and you were gone. I loved you more than life itself.
I don’t know what to do when you choose to come around because when I’m with you there’s nothing I want to do. I don’t know what to do with you. Because I’ve got dreams of you and you’ve got dreams of me. And nothing’s the matter. I know I’m all better. I guess I just don’t have a clue what to do with you.
Whenever I think of something intelligent to say, I say the most idiotic and common thing. Well, I’m under a lot of stress when we face each other and your eyes meet mine. I don’t want to ask you out. I don’t think about you that way. I just want you to know that I’m not an idiot. You must think that I’m a freak or most certainly a weirdo but believe me when I tell you that I can’t remember a time when I was this clumsy. It’s all because of you. Don’t say goodbye.
Some songs are meant to be heard so sit and listen closely. Others you can bang your head to without actually paying attention. Doesn’t matter if I fuck it up then because you don’t pay attention? We’re in control and a little bored. Or maybe they’re in control. It’s ok as long as it’s fun and uncorrupted entertainment? Somehow that doesn’t seem to be working for me at all. They’re in control and a little bored. Or maybe we’re in control. What if I fuck it up then because you don’t pay attention? Well, I won’t pay attention. It doesn’t matter if I fuck it up then.
Dumbstruck 02:22
You are the person that I most care for and you’ve got it all planned out. I’ll say goodbye to my generation because all I want is you. Dumstruck. I guess I let it come to this. Far out. I only wanted to let you know that I don’t care as long as I got you. I haven’t seen you in quite some time now but I’ve got you figured out. You need me to be there whenever you’re here. I’ve got nothing else to do. I really wanted you to be ok but somehow you’ve decided to stay away. What was on my mind? How could I’ve been so blind? Would I even get you back if I tried?
Our Band 04:17
We’ve got six-string guitars, a four-string bass and a drum set. We’ve got these broken voices and quite a lot to shout about. We search for inspiration in a lot of fucked up places and we’ve got dreams and memories. We’re not the coolest band but there is quite a lot of stuff on our minds. We’re a pretty honest band and there is quite a lot of shit on our minds that we try to put on paper. We’re consumed by anger and our own frustration but we speak from our hearts and mean what we say and even though we most certainly won’t change the world, we’ve made a few people happier and that’s a start. Music is not about getting signed and it’s not about showing off. It’s about change and cooperativeness, love and compassion. I cannot write my own songs if I can’t have a mind of my own. It’s not a job you can just quit.
I’ve been looking for love and found it in all the right places. In friends’ kitchens. At shows, in songs and in a special person I’ve come to hold dear. I’ve become enchanted by the way she looks at me before she goes to sleep and by the gleam in her sleepy eyes when she wakes up in the morning. Nowadays I’ve become quite sure that I depend on her and how she’s saving my life. And it’s a fantastic feeling that I can’t quite put my head around. I’ve come to realize that a broken heart is always a brand new start. And love is retarded but so are we.


Recorded and mixed by Eric Rosenfeld, Charel Stoltz and Seb Bruyninckx.
Mastered by Jeff Lenert.
All lyrics and music by Eric Rosenfeld.


released November 11, 2012

G Chord Records


all rights reserved



Communicaution Luxembourg

Since 2004

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